The Path To Success

That is right friends. Having a website is the first step on your digital path to success. Your website puts you on the so called "map" and it creates legitimacy to what you are attempting to sell. 

Now that being said, a website can be a "make it or break it" for clients for many reasons. Some examples:

  1. Accuracy: An accurate, up to date website is the most essential quality. All of your information, prices, and posts should correct with what you are selling or the message you are trying to share. Just think, if TurboTax told us the wrong step to submitting our taxes...talk about an OOPS!

  2. Accessibility: Can clients USE your website? Are there broken links leaving people confused and disgruntled? Do your videos load? Are all of your pages and content easily accessible?

  3. Style: One last example I will use is style. Honestly, how many times have you visited a website with poor layout and navigation? OR better yet, how many times have you gone on an AWESOME site? See what I mean by "make it or break it"? You heard it here, style = creditability.

So if you are in need of building a webpage from the ground up designed with style and personality, or you are just in need of a "refresh" contact me! I primarily work with Wix and will be happy to provide you with some recent client examples.


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